Still in stock…

We still have some items in stock:

- Limited quantity of US power adapters (white color)

- Pretty good stock of Euro power adapters (brick style in green)

- Good stock of loose plug cords (for power related projects)

-Some USB/Serial Adapter kits (to debrick XO-1′s)

- 15 Watt Solar Panels (for use with newer XO’s – not XO-1′s)

For orders or questions remember to email us at ilovemyxo [at] gmail [dot] com

JOIN THE CAUSE: Tsepo Ramonene Education Fund

Our friends at LAPTOPS TO LESOTHO are supporting Olympic Marathon runner, Tsepo Ramonene, to achieve his education goals.

Visit to see how you can help.


Tsepo Ramonene lives to run.

UNFORTUNATELY, Tsepo lives in extreme poverty in the little-known African nation of Lesotho, where he struggles just to get enough to eat. As sole breadwinner, Tsepo supports his family with the meager winnings from his races. Before his races, he can only afford to eat bread and tea.

Tsepo is a quiet, humble young man who dreams of running in the Olympics.

But running in the Olympics is not his only dream. Tsepo is 21 years old but only has a 7th grade education. Still, he dreams of getting his high school diploma someday, so he and his family can live a better life. The sad truth is that in Lesotho, education beyond primary school is not free. Most people survive as subsistence farmers, so few can afford to send their children to secondary school.

Against all odds, Tsepo has managed to qualify for the 2012 Olympics marathon.


You can see Tsepo, and hear him talk about his love of running, in a TV ad for the 2012 Olympics at You can read more about Tsepo Ramonene on the videographer’s website

All money received by the Tsepo Ramonene Lesotho Education Fund will go to school expenses, food, housing, and other basic needs for Tsepo and his family. Any additional funding received beyond that will pay for secondary school scholarships for other Lesotho children.

Laptops to Lesotho

Occasionally there are days when I am a little overwhelmed with keeping replacement parts available for OLPC …  an odd interaction with someone can get me down. This is why I am so thankful that our community is amazing!  Looking through Laptops to Lesotho photo albums quickly rebounded my spirits.

Our OLPC community is filled with wonderful people doing GOOD in this world. You all are an inspiration to me – your dedication, hard work, perseverance, love and hope that you share with the world.

Please take a look at all the GOOD Laptops to Lesotho is doing.   If you have a laptop to donate, this is a group of amazing people who have always been nothing but wonderful in my interactions with them.

Laptops to Lesotho

Laptops to Lesotho

2012 Price List for One Laptop Per Child Replacement Parts

Price List
One Laptop Per Child Replacement Parts:
OLPC XO US Power Adapter in green (2-piece brick style) $25
OLPC XO Euro Power Adapter in green (2-piece brick style) $25
OLPC XO US Power Adapters in white (XO 1.5 style) $25
OLPC XO Base Upper Assembly (keyboard + touchpad replacement) $40
OLPC XO Replacement Screen $85
OLPC XO Replacement Battery $30
10 Watt Solar Panel $69 [limited quantities available]
OLPC XO Power Plug with Loose Wires
  • Set of 5 = $25
  • Set of 10 = $40
OLPC XO Serial Adapter Kit $25
  • Go green! Send us back your Serial Adapter Kit after de-bricking your XO, and we will refund you $10!
  • Pre-addressed envelope will be included with your order.
  • Please send back as soon as possible; must be within 60 days of original purchase to receive $10 refund.
Flat Rate Shipping (One price no matter how much you order!)
  • $5 domestic
  • $30 international*
*Please contact us for International Shipping Rates for very small orders. We may be able to offer a discount to some destinations.