a new home for iLoveMyXO.com

A few months ago our site VANISHED into thin air.  While we were hoping to get it back up it seems not feasible at this time.

However! We do still have some parts available for sale, so if you are looking for something, or need to place an order, we can still do so.

I will post the product images and prices on this blog. Send me an email with your order, and I will request payment via PayPal.

I will need the following information sent to iLoveMyXO [@] gmail [.] com

1. Your name

2. Shipping address

3. Your email (to send the request for payment from PayPal)

4. What you would like to order

Thank you for your understanding!



9 thoughts on “a new home for iLoveMyXO.com

  1. Jennifer. I have a broken XO-1. It’s completely dead and according to the website it could be a clock problem and that the firmware needs updating. I’m just learning about this laptop. I got it at Goodwill for my 7 year old and would love to get this thing working for her.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I am helping out a school in Nicaragua and they need about a dozen replacement keyboards. Is there a way to arrange shipping to them?

  3. i reccently picked up a used xo at a local flea market. the person i got it from did not know you had to swing out the antennas to be able to open it. he thought the hinge cover assembly was some kind of latch so he tore the hinge cover all up trying to open it.do you have any hinge covers available and if so what would one cost?

    • Unfortunately we do not have these parts. Potentially you may be able to locate the part from one of the repair shops. Send us an email to ilovemyxo {at} gmail [dot] com and we can try to help.

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