Euro Power Adapter (brick style)

Long story, but I ended up with Euro adapters … so if anyone needs one this is your chance! $25/each + shipping.

OLPC XO Euro Brick Power Adapter

OLPC XO Euro Brick Power Adapter


5 thoughts on “Euro Power Adapter (brick style)

  1. Will the Euro power adapter work in Cambodia? If it will there is a school here that would like to order some. Once we know if these adapters will work, we will place an order.

    Kind regards,

    Elaine Negroponte

    • Hi Elaine,

      I am definitely not an expert on international power… however I researched a bit this morning and it appears that Cambodia uses both the British style adapter and the Euro adapter (the latter being what we have in stock).

      I can not guarantee it would work, but if you would like to try one out first I can send you one to test on a trip over there. Alternatively, you can order what you need, and if it doesn’t work return them.

      Please let me know what you think!

      Take care,

      • Dear Jennifer,

        Thank you very much for your information. I think that we have both at our school. The problem is that one needs to find the right outlets for the European type. But I believe all will work in Cambodia. I am not the person making the request — I will have Sarakk Rith contact you to give you the shipping information

        You have been very helpful and kind regards


      • Dear NCARROL

        I am not the person requesting adapters it was another organization here in Cambodia that needs them. At this point they think it is best to wait for their Manager to decide what to get — how many, etc. I was just trying to help them as they had received XOs through our organization some time ago.

        Thank you for your answer. Now I too have all the information needed if we need to reorder more adapters in the future. We have been very careful with ours and use a stabilizer when we are not using solar. Without a stabilizer any adapter will be wrecked in a short while.

        Kind Regards,


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