Loose Plugs for OLPC XO Laptop

This is for those of you building a unique or bigger & better power set up! This has the plug that fits into the XO without the power adapter part.

Set of 5 plugs = $25

Set of 10 plugs = $40

Contact us for larger quantity discounts!

XO Power Plug with Loose Wires

OLPC XO Power Plug with Loose Wires


3 thoughts on “Loose Plugs for OLPC XO Laptop

    • That would be nice, right?
      Actually, we do have some on order. Hopefully we will be seeing them in the coming months (maybe even sooner if we are lucky).
      If you are desperate for one at this moment, you could try the European Brick-style power adapter. Basically you can remove the Euro-plug cord (without a soldering iron) and replace it with a US one. These I believe are not hard to come by, and I could probably send you one I am testing at home.
      Otherwise, hang tight and we will have them in stock shortly!

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