OLPC XO Serial Adapter

Serial Adapter for the XO Laptop – $25

New Program:

  • Go green! Send us back your Serial Adapter Kit after de-bricking your XO, and we will refund you $10!
  • Pre-addressed envelope will be included with your order.
  • Please send back as soon as possible; must be within 60 days of original purchase to receive $10 refund.
OLPC XO Serial Adapter

Serial Adapter Kit for the OLPC XO Laptop


5 thoughts on “OLPC XO Serial Adapter

  1. Is this the USB to serial cable I need to reset the RTC? I saw such a cable mentioned in an old post on the Laptop forum. I have two older XOs and I cannot get either of them to boot up. The article I read on the fourm seemed like a possible solution.

    • Yes, this is the USB to serial cable that you would want to use to reset the RTC.
      If you would like one, please send your name, shipping address & email along with a note stating you’d like the “OLPC Serial Adapter Kit” to : ilovemyxo [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Worked perfectly for resurrecting a pair of XO-1s who got stuffed in a box during a move and forgotten long enough that their RTC batteries had discharged. Loved the speedy shipping, and my compliments on your build quality – simple, nice, and clean.

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