Replacement Parts on the way…!

Good news!!

We’ve got power adapters (both 2-piece brick style and original 1-piece), screens, & more Base Upper Assemblies (keyboard+touchpad replacement) coming in soon!

Current status is due to arrive late February… but be warned this shipment could be delayed.

If you are in need of something, and want to be put on the wait list, please let us know!

Email me at ilovemyxo [at] gmail [dot] com with:

1. your name

2. what you would like

3. email address to contact you when the parts arrive & are ready to order



6 thoughts on “Replacement Parts on the way…!

  1. Hello,
    I need to order a new adapter for an XO (computer for every child). Please let me know if and when you have one in stock, and I will buy it from you immediately.
    Thank you,
    Jana Clow

    • Hi Jana
      We have just received them in stock.
      Please email us ilovemyxo [at] gmail [dot] com
      1. what you would like to order
      2. shipping address
      3. your name
      4. email to which we can send a request for payment

      Let us know if you need anything else!

  2. Hi Jennifer, we have two of the laptops that we purchased from the Buy One Get One program when the program was first introduced. We have never really used them. My wife is very active in a program that brings refugees from war-torn countries to the USA and she would like to give theese units to two families. We have not turned them on in several years and when we tried to turn them on, there is no illumination on the screens, but we do seem to have power to the unit. I have read in blogs a description of the problem but do not think that I can accompllish the steps they alone on my own. I was wondering whether I could call someone from your organization to describe the problem and get a “lay” explanation of the steps I need to perform. Is there an email I can get to sen you my contact information?

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