OLPC XO Replacement Screens back in stock

Replacement screens are back in stock!

$85/each + shipping


One Laptop Per Child Laptop Replacement Screen

OLPC XO Replacement Screen


2012 Price List for One Laptop Per Child Replacement Parts

Price List
One Laptop Per Child Replacement Parts:
OLPC XO US Power Adapter in green (2-piece brick style) $25
OLPC XO Euro Power Adapter in green (2-piece brick style) $25
OLPC XO US Power Adapters in white (XO 1.5 style) $25
OLPC XO Base Upper Assembly (keyboard + touchpad replacement) $40
OLPC XO Replacement Screen $85
OLPC XO Replacement Battery $30
10 Watt Solar Panel $69 [limited quantities available]
OLPC XO Power Plug with Loose Wires
  • Set of 5 = $25
  • Set of 10 = $40
OLPC XO Serial Adapter Kit $25
  • Go green! Send us back your Serial Adapter Kit after de-bricking your XO, and we will refund you $10!
  • Pre-addressed envelope will be included with your order.
  • Please send back as soon as possible; must be within 60 days of original purchase to receive $10 refund.
Flat Rate Shipping (One price no matter how much you order!)
  • $5 domestic
  • $30 international*
*Please contact us for International Shipping Rates for very small orders. We may be able to offer a discount to some destinations.

Replacement Parts on the way…!

Good news!!

We’ve got power adapters (both 2-piece brick style and original 1-piece), screens, & more Base Upper Assemblies (keyboard+touchpad replacement) coming in soon!

Current status is due to arrive late February… but be warned this shipment could be delayed.

If you are in need of something, and want to be put on the wait list, please let us know!

Email me at ilovemyxo [at] gmail [dot] com with:

1. your name

2. what you would like

3. email address to contact you when the parts arrive & are ready to order


Looking for an image for our Blog!

Do you have a picture of children using XO’s? One that you would like to share and have posted on our blog?

If so, please let us know if we can “borrow” it for our blog. We would love to see some kids using the XO’s instead of our logo (BORING!).

email me at ilovemyxo [at] gmail [dot] com or post a link to an image you will allow us to use.