OLPC XO Replacement Screens back in stock

Replacement screens are back in stock!

$85/each + shipping


One Laptop Per Child Laptop Replacement Screen

OLPC XO Replacement Screen


2012 Price List for One Laptop Per Child Replacement Parts

Price List
One Laptop Per Child Replacement Parts:
OLPC XO US Power Adapter in green (2-piece brick style) $25
OLPC XO Euro Power Adapter in green (2-piece brick style) $25
OLPC XO US Power Adapters in white (XO 1.5 style) $25
OLPC XO Base Upper Assembly (keyboard + touchpad replacement) $40
OLPC XO Replacement Screen $85
OLPC XO Replacement Battery $30
10 Watt Solar Panel $69 [limited quantities available]
OLPC XO Power Plug with Loose Wires
  • Set of 5 = $25
  • Set of 10 = $40
OLPC XO Serial Adapter Kit $25
  • Go green! Send us back your Serial Adapter Kit after de-bricking your XO, and we will refund you $10!
  • Pre-addressed envelope will be included with your order.
  • Please send back as soon as possible; must be within 60 days of original purchase to receive $10 refund.
Flat Rate Shipping (One price no matter how much you order!)
  • $5 domestic
  • $30 international*
*Please contact us for International Shipping Rates for very small orders. We may be able to offer a discount to some destinations.